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Hi, I'm Millie Hodges

Hi, I'm Millie Hodges

Owner | The Country Mutt

Hello, and thank you for visiting our Team page.

This is absolutely my dream business.  Whilst I have grown up with animals always living on a farm, I also trained as an accountant to grow my business knowledge.  The one thing that never changed is that I love animals and they seem to like me too!

I always wanted to own my own business working with dogs.  In 2018 I opened The Country Mutt and haven’t looked back since.  The team here now looks after around 32 dogs on a daily basis.  I love the fact that all our doggie guests are excited to see us, they seem to look forward to their day of play and copious amounts of cuddles on demand.

Outside of business, my other passion is horses and farming.  When I’m not with the horses, you’ll find me at our farm with my partner Dan tending to our Dexter cows, sheep and pigs usually surrounded by dogs, cats, peacocks, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl!  I did say I love animals 🙂

Thank you for reading about us all here at The Country Mutt, we look forward to meeting you some day.


Hello! I'm Em (Emilie)

Hello! I'm Em (Emilie)

Team Manager

I was born in France and moved to the UK in 2015 where I found my perfect fit volunteering at a doggy day care in Oxfordshire. I soon started working a full time job there.

I’ve now been working at the Country Mutt since June 2021 after moving into the area.

As Manager I oversee the daily running of day care and the wellbeing of the pups, making sure their day is as enjoyable and fun as can be.  I love working with dogs and learning their individual language, behaviour and character.  To me they are the best companion you could ever have.

Myself, I’ve grown up with dogs.  My first being a labrador called Mutsy who loved biscuits as much as I do!  In my spare time I enjoy going for walks or ice skating with my partner and watch ice hockey games after enjoying a nice meal out.

Hi, I'm Emily

Hi, I'm Emily

Dog Handler

Ever since I was a little girl I had my heart set on being a zoo keeper. After studying Animal Care at college and gaining work experience working with different animals, I achieved my dream. After working with some incredible animals such as giraffe and zebra for many years, I decided a career change was good for me.

Dogs have always been my favourite animal, after growing up around dogs and having one of my own, Alfie the cocker spaniel The Country Mutt was the perfect choice for me! I love getting to know each dog, their personalities, behaviours and their favourite little scratchy spot. I’ve been part of the team since April 2021!

In my spare time, you can find me behind a camera, taking pictures of all sorts of animals and landscapes. I have a passion for photography, getting out and exploring new places with Alfie but nothing beats cuddling up on the sofa with him, usually with a takeaway and Friends on the telly!

If you’re interested in joining our friendly team here at The Country Mutt why not get in touch for a chat.  We’d love to hear from you.